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Style Editor

The Style Editor allows fine grain control of the layer rendering. In addition to shapes, layers contain attribute values which we can use to control the rendering process.

In this section we will create a Styled Layer Descriptor (SLD) file with the uDig Style Editor in order to generate labels and theme by attribute values.


A common use for maps is as a visual display of attribute values. In cartographic terms this is known as creating a Thematic map, accomplished by defining a theme for a layer.

The Style Editor is used to theme data by setting up a thematic style for a layer based on attribute values.

  • Please switch to the Theme page and select the following:

    • Attribute: Select the POP_EST attribute.
    • Normalize: Select the GDP_MD_EST attribute.


  • Filter the available colour palettes to show a subset of those available:

    • Show: Change from guilabel:Show All to Sequential
    • Press the Colour-blind, LCD and CRT buttons
    • Select the light orange to dark red color palette


    These options show palettes which are a ramp of color suitable for viewing by color blind people on either an LCD or CRT monitor.

  • Press the OK button


  • The countries layer is now displayed as theme of population data normalized by gross domestic product as a quick measure of population productivity.


You can use a legend to review the colours and symbology used to illustrate your themaitic map.

  • From the menubar select Layer ‣ Legend.


  • The Legend decorator offers a quick summary of your themed data.


The map display can become very complicated depending on the level of detail being displayed.

The Mylar functionality is used to focus on the selected layer.

  • Press the Mylar button in the Layers view toolbar.

  • Select each layer and observe the effect.


  • The Mylar effect is used to focus on the selected layer by fading out everything else.

Layout and Perspectives

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