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Information Request

In this section, you will learn how to use the Info tool.

Feature and Raster Values

You can also use the Information view to quickly review feature and raster values.

  • Open your Natural Earth map, and use the Info tool to click on a country.

    The Information view open to list each layer with information

  • The left pane of the Information used to pick the details to display.

    Pick the 10m admin 0 countries feature listed.

  • The right pane of the Information view is used to explore the attributes of the country you clicked on.

    • You will see the information view flash the country to remind you of the area you clicked. This is useful when sorting through several featuers on different layers.
    • The Information view is only used review values, we will cover editing as part of uDig Walkthrough 2
  • The details displayed based on the content picked in the left pane of the

    Information view.

    Pick the NE1_50M_SR_W raster layer to review the RGB values.


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