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Selection is not a simple concept because there are different types of selection.

Workbench Selection

The workbench selection is determined by what is selected in the current view. For example in the Layers view the selection will always be a layer. In the Project Explorer the selection could be a project, map, page, etc... The selection in the Map Editor depends on the tool that is selected.

Tool Selection
Zoom The map shown in the map editor
Pan The map shown in the map editor
Selection The current layer’s selection filter
Information Tools The map shown in the map editor
Edit Tools The currently edited feature or the currently selected vertices. Depending on whether there are selected vertices
Boundary The current boundary layer’s selection filter

Layer Selection

Each layer has a filter that indicates what is selected on that layer.

Edit Selection

The Edit Blackboard contains the features that have been selected for editing. At any one time a single feature on the edit blackboard is the edit feature, the feature that has the vertex handles and can directly be edited.

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Working with Features

Boundary Selection

Background layers can be marked as Boundary layers, features can be selected from these Boundary layers and user as a filter on other content.

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