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What is new for uDig 1.4

License Change

The uDig project has changed to a dual BSD / EPL license.

This license change has enabled the uDig project to apply to the Eclipse Foundation LocationTech industry working group.

GeoScript Editor

uDig is pleased to directly offer a scripting environment for the first time. Scripting a powerful technique in a Geospatial Information Systems allowing non-developers the ability to automate common tasks.

There is a quick tutorial (GeoScript Introduction) and a reference page for the GeoScript editor.

For more information and tutorials please checkout GeoScript at geoscript.org


The Document view added to list resource and feature documents.

Attachments and links:

  • Resource attachments: Attach files and web links to a layer for easy access
  • Feature attachments: Attach files and web links to individual features
  • Attachments are copied in the same fashion as email attachments, alternatively both web and file links are supported (and are not copied).
  • Out of the box support for Shapefile attachments, files are stored in a folder next to your shapefile

Feature Hotlinks:

  • Configure an attribute to act as a hotlinks for file or website
  • Or define custom action to open a local action or fire off a google search using an attribute value

For more information, check out the Tasks section on Working with Documents.


A new Graticule map decoration has been added.

It is also possible to overlay grids in different coordinate systems:

And here the tasks that can get you started with the graticule:

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