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Drag and Drop

Drag and Drop is the general practise of:

  1. Pressing the mouse button to grab an object; then
  2. Using the mouse to “Drag” the object into position; and
  3. Releasing the mouse button to “Drop” the into the desired spot

Layer view DnD

Changing Layer Order

You can drag and drop existing layers to sort them into the desired order.

  1. Press the mouse button on a Layer
  2. Drag the layer into the desired position; a horizontal line will indicate the position where the layer will be moved into
  3. Release the mouse button

This effect is the same as pressing the move up and move down buttons.

Inserting a Layer

You can insert a new layer; into the exact position desired; by dragging and dropping any of the following:

  • A resource from the catalog
  • A File (from the operating system)
  • A URL (from a web browser)

To insert a layer:

  1. Press the mouse button on a File
  2. Drag the file into the Layer view
  3. Release - If the file contains a single resource (like a shapefile) it will be added immediately. The shapefile will also be added to the catalog.

To insert a Service:

  1. Press the mouse button on a WMS Capabilities link (in a browser)
  2. Drag the url into the Layer view
  3. Release; a Resource Selection page will be displayed allowing you to choose which layers to insert. The service will also be added to the catalog.

Projects View DnD

Creating a New map

You can drag a resource from the Catalog; a file or a URL into the Projects view to create a new Map.

Creating a new Map from a shapefile:

  1. Press a mouse button on a shapefile (be sure to choose the file with the extension shp)
  2. Drag the file into the Project view:
    • Release it onto a Project to create a new map; The map will be created with the same name as the shapefile; the map projection will be based on the prj file.
    • Release it onto an existing Map to insert a layer


The resource(s) must be dragged to the exact location in the Projects view hierarchy; they cannot be simply dragged and dropped onto a blank area.

Map Editor DnD

You can drag a File, URL or Catalog resource onto an open Map Editor; a layer will be added to the Map as if you had used the Add Data wizard

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