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Create Layer from Query

There are two ways to create a layer to display the results of a spatial query:

You can filter the layer using a spatial (or any other Query):

  1. Add your layer
  2. Open the Style Editor
  3. navigate to the Filter page
  4. Add in your spatial filter using Constraint Query Language
    • Example: LANDLOCKED = ‘true’
    • Tip: You can define a spatial query using the select tool; and copy the filter out of the table view
  5. The layer will now only show features that match the filter

You can copy a selection into a new Layer:

  1. Open the table view
  2. Provide a filter (defining a selection by hand - you can use a either full text, attribute match or a CQL expression)
  3. The features matching the selection are selected
  4. Copy and paste the features into a new layer

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