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Change a Layers Style

The style of a layer may be changed by opening the Style Editor dialog, in one of 3 ways:

Select a layer in the Layers View and...


Modifications to the line border width and colour, polygon fills, point markers, and text can be made on this page. Scale can also be taken into account (thus hiding features or text at various zoom levels).

The above image shows the inputs used to generate the map below. This polygon layer illustrates voting areas with text representing the number of votes cast, rotated to 315 degrees.

Text symbols for line strings have slightly different alignment options:

The perpendicular offset (set to 7 in the above image), defines the space between a line and its identifying text.


Thematic styling can be performed from the theme page, utilizing attribute data to communicate more information in a map by using colours.

The above image shows the inputs required to generate a theme illustrating population density (in the image below). The inputs are:

Suitability options:


Should you need to do something a little more complex than what the simple or theme pages offer, the XML page allows you to directly modify the Styled Layer Descriptor document (this describes how you would like your layer drawn). The SLD specification outlines the format to use: http://www.opengeospatial.org/docs/02-070.pdf

Style View

Alternatively, you may use the deprecated “Simple” Style View:

  1. Window ‣ Show View ‣ Style

  2. Select the desired layer in the Layer View

  3. Edit the attributes of the style.


  4. Click on the apply button: image2

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