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Layers view

The Layers view shows the layers displayed on the current Map.

The context menu for this view also allows you to change the style of the selected layer, perform analysis on the layer, zoom to the layer, delete the layer, rename the layer and set which tools will work on the layer (Tool Applicability).

Here is what the Layers view looks like:

Like other views in the Workbench, the Layers has its own toolbar. Toolbar buttons are provided for moving a layer up or down in the rendering context.



This command brings the selected layer towards the front, changing its z order, allowing it to appear over top of layers further down in the list.


This command pushes the selected layer towards the back, changing its z order, allowing it to be drawn under layers further up in the list.

Zoom to Layer

Shows all the layer’s data in the Map Editor.

Context menu

Change Style

Opens the Style View allowing the layer’s style to be changed.

Zoom To Layer

Same functionality as the Zoom To Layer button on the tool bar.


Deletes the layer from the map.


Allows the layer to be renamed.

Tool Applicability

Allows the user to set which tools can work on the layer. For example if selection applicability is toggled to off then the selection tool will not affect the layer.


Allows analysis operations such as information queries to be run on the layer.

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