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Help view

This view displays help on using uDig. If you are reading this document, you are probably using the Help view.

Here is what the Help view looks like, when using the embedded browser:

Table of Contents (or Bookshelf)

Contains a list of all avaialble books. Click a book to see a its contents arranged into a tree.

Contents Tab:

This tab displays an outline of the Help topics for the selected book.

Serach Results Tab

To search the documentation, type a query in the Search field. The search results will be show listed.

Bookmarks Tab

Displays topics that were bookmarked using Bookmark Document button.

Search scope

As more books of documentation become available you will be able to choose which books you wish searched here.

Go Back

Navigate to the previously displayed page.

Go Forward

Can be used to navigate forward after the use of the Go Back button.

Refresh / Show Topic / Show in Table of Contents

Resync the navigation tree up to the currently displayed page.

Bookmark Document

Add the current page to the Bookmarks tab.

Maximize / Restore

The Maximize buttons can be used expand the navigation or content frame to fill the entire display. When a frame is maximized the Restore button can be used to restore the frame to its original size.

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