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Edit Tools

Edit tools are available in the palette to directly manipulate spatial information. Each map provides a session for editing - if you are happy with your changes you can press commit to write out your session. If you have made a mistake and need to start again you can revert the current session.

The palette provides the following edit tools for direct manipulation:

You can cycle through tools in the same category by pressing the keyboard short cut repeatedly.

Edit Tools (e) Create Tools (c) Feature Tools (f)
image0 Edit Geometry image4 Create Polygon image10 Delete Feature
image1 Add Vertex image5 Create Line image11 Split
image2 Remove Vertext image6 Create Point image12 Merge
image3 Hole Cutter image7 Fill Area  
  image8 Create Ellipse  
  image9 Create Rectangle  

Create Tools

Create Polygon

Create a polygon as a series of points. You must draw at least three points for the polygon to be valid. Polygons are not allowed to self intersect.

Create Point

Create a point.

Fill Area

Create a polygon defined by the unused area. Draw a polygon, any area not already taken up by an existing polygon will be used.

Create Ellipse

Create an Ellipse by drawing on screen.

Create Rectangle

Create a rectangle by drawing a box on the screen.

Edit Commands

Many of these same commands are available in the Edit Menu.

Your session is managed on the main toolbar using the following commands:

image13 Commit

image14 Revert


Commit modifications to server, database or file.


Throw out modifications; reverting to the current contents of the server, database, or file.

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