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This section shows how to export your product for others. We have a couple of things to do before we get down to running to product export wizard.

Include Images in Branding Plug-in Build

Everything that you wish bundled into a plug-in’s jar needs to be ticked off as part of the build.properties file.

  • We need to make all the files we need are included in our branding plug-in.

  • Open up MANIFEST.MF and switch to the Build tab.

  • Check of the following files in the Binary Build::

    icons nl plugin_customization.ini

  • Save the file and we can go on to the next section.

Product Export

And now we are in a good position to export.

  • Open up a file browser and delete the “runtime directory”.


    This directory (C:javaruntime-custom.product) was created when you were trying out the application earlier. Removing this directory has the same effect as clearing the configuration in the run dialog.

  • Return to the custom.product editor. Switch to the Overview tab

  • Click the Eclipse Product export wizard link to open up the Export wizard.

  • Change the Root directory field to custom.

  • Select the Archive file radio button and enter the destination zip file:

    We can also uncheck “Generate metadata repository”


    If the wizard fails a log file will be saved to the directory you indicate here.


  • Press the Finish button

  • Please wait: when finished custom-1.0.0.zip will be created.

  • Now unzip that folder and run your new application.


    To use this application your end users will need Java installed along with the JAI and ImageIO extensions.

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